The Sugarloaf Community exists to provide an Education and Recreation Center, emphasizing ecological sustainability for the benefit of the Williams community and future generations.
SCA History

In 1999, after a decades-long quest, a dedicated group of Williams visionaries acquired seven acres of land in the heart of Williams to create an alternative learning space for homeschooling families to share in the education of their children and a central meeting place for everyone to come share tea, organic food, and for creativity in all its guises. The foundation for Sugarloaf Community Association/Sugarloaf Learning Center was laid. From its inception, and supported wholeheartedly by the people of Williams, the community raised over $114,000 in donations and Sugarloaf Community Association raised additional funds to pay back an $18,000 loan. Thousands of volunteer hours were logged to help with this process. The existing buildings were used initially by various homeschool groups. In recent years, Woodland Charter School, now a public charter school in Murphy, began its humble beginnings right here on the land, and the founding parents are still heavily vested in Sugarloaf Community Association. The Sugarloaf Learning Center continues to thrive with a preschool and Kindergarten class based on Waldorf education programs. There is a children's garden that the classes maintain and parents and teachers organize seasonal festivals to celebrate with the whole community. In visiting the Sugarloaf Community Association land, you can see how fundraising, generous community donations, grants, and volunteer labor helped to improve this land and bring closer the vision for a community center. The playgrounds, a 100 by 50 yard playing field, a sand court used for Patenque, a bandshell for performances, hiking trail, and a restored seasonal creek bed invite to playing and exploring for the whole family.
How you can help

Through fundraising, facility rentals, community donations, business support, and grant writing efforts, we actively seek financial assistance for projects that will benefit the Williams' population. If you would like to donate to the SCA you may do so by hitting the donate button below you can choose how your donation will be used by the Sugarloaf Community Association. You can chose to donate to our general fund or towards one of the following programs:

FOREVER FLOWERING CHILDREN'S GARDEN: A Waldorf inspired kindergarten class taught by Misti Lefevre and assisted by Arielle Spayd.

FRIENDS OF THE FOREST: Outdoor school for ages 3-7 years old, taught by Misti Lefevere and assisted by Arielle Spayd.

WILLIAM'S STRINGS PROGRAM: Music program for homeschool and enrolled students 2nd grade and up, in partnership with Williams Elementary School. Instructed by Willie Warwick and assisted by Barbara Torbert.

WILLIAM'S COMMUNITY PRESCHOOL: Low cost to no cost kindergarten readiness programs in partnership with Williams Elementary School and Southern Oregon Early Services Hub. Taught by Betsy Herren and assisted by Wren Turley.

SUGARLOAF RESOURCE CENTER: A volunteer-run unschooling center, infoshop, and community venue. This 750 square foot space houses an array of learning resources, including computers and wifi, reference books, a book exchange, collections of rocks, bones, and bugs to study, a zine library, homesteading and DIY materials, art and craft supplies, games, and more. The center is open to the public on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays from 2 to 6 p.m., and is available to host community events, meetings, and classes. For more information visit: .

Sugarloaf Community Association
206 Tetherow
PO Box 440
Williams, OR 97544